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The babysitter team - Fanfiction from The WB's 'Popular'

About The babysitter team

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Title: The babysitter team
Disclaimer: Popular belongs to the damn genius Ryan Murphy.
Rating: PG
Word count: 1008
A/N: I don't know what possessed me to write this, honestly. Is really hot here in Spain, and is possible that my brain had just melt down. Also, I don't have beta, so all the mistakes are mine. Anyway, be gentle with me xD
Summary: Sam and Brooke are a perfect babysitter team.

It was a breezy night but not cold. It was warm, and it would be perfect, if they didn't have to take care of their little sister Mac. That was what Sam was thinking. She and Brooke were babysitting Mac, while their parents were in a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant.

Sam sighed and changed the TV channels absently, meanwhile Brooke was in the kitchen making the dinner for Mac.

The baby was in her playpen in the living room with Sam. But soon grew bored and began to fuss and whimper, trying to catch the attention of her brunette big sister.

Sam looked at her direction frowning. "Hmm...Brooke? Mac is starting to get nervous" she called from the couch.

"Well, calm her Sam. I'm pretty busy right now" the blonde replied from the kitchen.

Sam arched her eyebrow at her little sister and sighed. She stood and picked Mac from her playpen "I really hope you do not inherit her bad temper Macky Mac" she said to the baby chuckling.

"I've heard you!" Brooke said from the kitchen.

Sam chuckled and sat on the couch with Mac. The baby seemed really interested on her big sister's hair. She grabbed a handful of Sam's long brown hair and giggled satisfied with herself.

Sam sighed again trying to remove her hair from the baby's hands and mouth.

"Mac, you're really impossible" the brunette said shaking her head.

Brooke entered in the room carrying Mac's food, and the baby giggled and clapped excited.

"Hallelujah" Sam said sarcastically.

Brooke sat in front of Sam and Mac, and began to fed the baby "You're such a disastrous babysitter, Sam. It's not so difficult" the blonde said smugly.

Sam narrowed her eyes at the blonde "Well Brooke, I don't have that natural talent with the babies like you, you know" the brunette mocked sarcastically.

Brooke smiled as she continued feeding Mac "I'm not pretty sure who of you two is the biggest baby" she said looking at Sam.

"Oh, ha ha! Brooke, really funny" the brunette replied with a fake laugh.

"Mac is such a good baby. Right Mac?" she asked sweetly to her sister.

But Mac showed than Brooke's affirmation was wrong when she grabbed the spoon and threw the food to the blonde's face.

Sam gazed at the blonde with wide eyes, and broke into laughter "Yeah. Really good, Princess" she said laughing amused.

Brooke glared at the brunette as she began to clean her face with a napkin "Well, she has eaten enough for tonight. Change her pajama and put her in the playpen" the blonde instructed annoyed as she stood and let the room.

Sam was still giggling, and did what the blonde had said to her. She changed Mac's pajama into a clean one, and put the baby on the playpen kissing softly her silky brown hair, "Maybe you're more like me than I imagined Mac" she said with a grin.


Sam found Brooke on the kitchen cleaning the dishes, and imagined that the blonde was still upset. She hugged her from behind and rested her chin on her shoulder "Mac is clean and happy in her playpen, Boss" the brunette said playfully.

Brooke couldn't help but smile, and relaxed into Sam's arms. "I'm sorry" she said softly.

"You have nothing to be sorry for, Brooke" the brunette replied sincerely kissing the blonde's temple. "If anyone should apologize it's me. I've been acting like a big baby all night. I should not have laughed at you. Sorry" she said in a serious tone, but smirking a little.

The blonde sighed and turned around in Sam's arms "Maybe the babies hates me" she said sadly.

Sam hugged her tighter "You're kidding right? Mac adores you" the brunette replied sincerely.

Brooke looked into Sam's beautiful face and smiled "I think you're her favorite sister".

"Of course I am" the brunette said teasingly, winning herself a swat on the arm. She kissed Brooke softly. "Seriously Brooke. You're perfect with her. You know when she needs to eat, when she need to sleep, why she cry, why she's sick, how to calm her when she's all cranky...You're perfect with the babies" she ended gazing at the blonde's hazel eyes.

Brooke smiled brightly at Sam "But you still laughed at me in the living room" she said pouting.

"I'm sorry. Really, I'm so..." before she could finish, the blonde reached her hand, and painted the brunette's face with the baby food.

Sam released her hold around Brooke and touched her face. She glared at the blonde deadly serious.

"Payback's a bitch, Sammy" Brooke said playfully as she started to move away from the brunette.

"Oh yeah?" Sam said arching her eyebrows and following the blonde across the room. She dipped her hand in the baby food and began to ran after Brooke all across the kitchen.

Finally, Sam grabbed the blonde by the waist and they ended on the floor. The brunette straddled Brooke and painted all her face with the food. "Wow yeah!, I love your new makeup, Brooke" Sam said joking.

Brooke tried to get free of Sam, but soon the brunette was tickling her mercilessly.

"Sam...please stop...stop!" the writhing blonde pleaded gasping for air.

Sam bent her head and kissed her, tasting the baby food "I could, but you're too delicious Princess" the brunette teased.

Brooke reached her hands and tickled the brunette in surprise. Sam laughed and writhed and Brooke reversed their positions, pinning the Sam's arms to the floor. "What you were saying, Sammy?" the blonde asked inching closer to the brunette's tempted mouth.

Sam smiled "I want to eat you now" she replied cheekily.

Brooke broke on laugh, releasing the brunette's arms. Sam sat with Brooke still straddling her lap.

"You're absolutely crazy" the blonde said smiling lovingly at Sam.

"That's why you love so much" the brunette replied with a bright smile.

Brooke caressed her cheek and leaned to kiss her "That's only one of the reasons why I love you so much" the blonde said when they parted.

Sam smiled and leaned for another kiss. They kissed until they heard Mac crying.

"What a babysitter team we are" Sam laughed.

Brooke laughed with her as they stood and walked hand in hand into the living room with their little sister.

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