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One-shot: Listen. Pg-13 - Fanfiction from The WB's 'Popular'

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Title: Listen.
Author: [info]baby_c15
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6080.
Disclaimer: Popular and it's characters are property of Ryan Murphy and The WB Television Network. No violation or profit comes from this work of fiction.
A/N: This is not betad, so any mistake you make are mine and mine alone, so please point them out so they may be fixed.
Summary: Sam needs to listen.

“What the hell are you doing!”

Brooke jerked away from Sam’s nightstand, panic written all over her face. “I, I wasn’t--”

“Looking through my things!?” Sam’s face twisted in rage, stalking to the panicking blonde, making her scramble away and as far from Sam’s shaking fists as she could get without jumping through the window.

“Sam, listen,” she pleaded, swiftly hiding her precious cargo behind her back, “it’s not what you think.” Brooke was sure she had time to put everything back in its place. She was sure. Obviously, by the look of those near black brown eyes, burning with rage she had messed up, big time.

“How stupid you think I am?” Sam said through gritted teeth, forcefully closing the open drawer. “What where you looking for? What did you took?” she asked eyeing whatever thing Broke was trying to hide. It looked like a book with a red leather cover. Like...

That bitch!

“Nothing, Sammy--” Brooke stopped short, Sam’s eye flashing with a very clear and violent warning. “I was just looking for a book and, and I…” Brooke swallowed, faltering. Caught and unable to escape Brooke showed Sam the red leather book.

“You took my diary?” Sam’s eyes filled with tears. Sam felt like a fool, she had trusted Brooke, more than she should have obviously, she had try to be closer to her, had told her about her dad, what that lost meant to her and Brooke… was using her to have a little laugh at her expenses.

Sam took a deep, cleansing breath, no more weakness, no more Miss Nice. No more. “I see, so you thought you and your little friends could use a little laugh--”

“What? No, no!” Brooke interrupted; this was getting out of control. Sam need to see--

“I don’t know why I’m surprised,” Sam wasn’t going to stop; she wasn’t going to listen to Brooke’s excuses. “This is typical Brooke McQueen, you feel like crap so you need some other poor sucker to put down to make yourself feel better? But nothing will ever change the fact that you are a lonely, sad, pathetic…”

“No, it’s not your--”

“Disgusting, anorexic whore that always looks one trip to the bathroom short of looking like a fucking cadaver!” Sam shouted. The silence that followed was deafening, the words ringing in the stillness. If it was physically possible, the only thing she wanted in that moment was to somehow grab the words from thin air and stop them before Brooke could hear and erase them.

Brooke gasped, clutching her stomach, feeling Sam’s words as if Sam had struck her in the gut. “You… are a bitch,” the blonde whispered, throwing the book at Sam’s feet, fleeing from the room, pass the girl she loved so much and wounded her so deeply.

Sam stared her empty door for a moment before bending to pick her diary except--

“This isn’t my diary,” Sam whispered, passing her hand over the cover and tracing the golden letters. “Family,” the brunette read out loud, looking once again to her doorway, she had the feeling she had make a huge, horrible mistake. One look inside and she knew she was right.

It was a photo album, filled with pictures of her mom, Mike, Brooke, herself and…

“Dad,” Sam whispered, a lump of emotions lodged on her throat, making her legs so shaky she had to sit down on the bed. Pictures of her dad. Some were of Jane, Joe and Sam, but most of them were just father and daughter. The pictures looked different, clearer like, restored. Sam took her time, slowly looking each of them image, losing herself on the memories of sitting with her dad, hearing his stories, walking around the lake, and fishing. All her favorites were there, even the one that her grandma soaked with tea years ago, it was both of them, Sam and Joe, with their fishing poles, dirty and soaking wet but looking so proud with their little fish.

“That thing wasn’t worth the cold we got,” the laughter bubbling deep within, through the tears like a healing balm.

And in the last page a picture of Brooke and Sam. Brooke’s arm was around Sam, pulling her close, her cheeks were a soft pink and her smile… “Beautiful,” losing herself for a moment on Brooke’s smile Sam closed her eyes, she could actually feel Brooke grabbing her, laughing as she pulled her close and aiming her brand new camera at them. Her perfume a delicate combination of flowers Sam didn’t knew what were called, but the dizzying scent was utterly Brooke. Her hazel eyes bright, full of laughter and warmth, making Sam’s heart speed up as if she was running a marathon. Running from Brooke, to Brooke…

Brooke. Shit!

What she had done? Sam scrambled to her feet and towards Brooke’s room. She quickly knocked, hoping against hope that she could talk to Brooke and apologize for her stupidity. “Brooke? It’s Sam, please open the door.”


“Brooke, I’m sorry, please open the door,” Sam knocked once again. Desperation creeping through her spine, taking over her senses. “Brooke, I’m so sorry, please just… Please open the door.”

“Go away,” came the muffled response. Even through the thick door Sam could hear the anguish on Brooke’s voice. She had done that.

“Please, can we talk?” She had messed up beyond words, what could she say to Brooke? That she was sure it was her diary? That Brooke had betrayed her privacy? That she had read how she had gone and one about her sexuality? About her attraction to women? Her attraction to Brooke? Sam knew, without a doubt she was screwed.

“Don’t you mean talking over me?” Brooke said, quietly securing the lock, knowing Sam would open the door even if Brooke told her not to “I’m not in the mood to be insulted right now, Sam.” Why it always ended like this? On insults, screams and tears. Why Sam pushed her away like that?

“Okay, I deserve that. I was a bitch but…”

“Please, just go,” Brooke sobbed, collapsing against the door. Sam’s words and the venom behind them still ringing on her ears. She had try so hard to be close to Sam, to open up and let the other girl know her, but like always, when things got confusing Sam jumped to the worst possible conclusion. Brooke was tired, she was just so tired.

Sam’s hand flew to the door’s handle, twisting it.



“Go away! Leave me alone!”

“Okay,” she didn’t have any other choice. Pushing Brooke on this state wasn’t a good move, even Sam knew that. “Okay, I just… I’ll see you at dinner and if you want to talk then or, or even if you don’t to talk just…I’m sorry, I didn’t meant it. I didn’t mean it,” Sam whispered, pressing her hand against the door, trying to reach Brooke one last time before leaving.

Dinnertime was very tense affair. Brooke had refused to come out from her bedroom, but accepted the plate Jane brought to her. Nobody said anything, but from the looks she was getting, from her mother’s angry glare and Mike confused and sad puppy look Sam knew they were blaming her, they were right, but it still hurt. However, with a little time Sam knew she could fix this. She just needed to make Brooke hear her out and everything would go back to normal.

Two weeks. Two freaking weeks of Brooke’s silence and tearful gaze, Nicole’s insults, Mary Cherry’s attempts to exorcize her for some reason, luckily her friends were more understanding.

“Well, you can be a bitch when you want to,” Lily said munching some white-green thing. She loved Sam but she was such a bitch when she got mad.

“Thanks, I know,” Sam murmured, eyeing a green looking Carmen staring at what they hoped was tofu or a salad, that twitched. “Can I get a little support here? Carmen?”

“What is that and why does it moves?” The cafeteria’s meatloaf was looking better and better next to whatever that was. When Lily turned to answer Carmen quickly changed her mind, “never mind, don’t tell me!”


“Oh! Oh, right, sorry,” Carmen apologized, tearing her eyes away from the white-green, jelly nightmare. “Right, so you are bitch but,” she put special emphasis on the last word at Sam‘s raised eyebrow, “you can also be a very sweet and cute softie when you want to, especially with Brooke.”

All of Sam’s blood went right to her face, giving her a strange looking red glow. “What, what! That’s not even…” Sam couldn’t believe they suspected, she was always so careful around Brooke. Always trying not to stare too much but avoiding not staring because then they would know. They didn’t know, oh God, they couldn’t know!

“Oh, please is so obvious, though is kinda cute how you think it‘s not,” Lily and Carmen nodded at Sam, unfazed by her angry glare.

“Everybody knows,” Carmen said eating her food and trying, trying not to look at Lily’s own ‘food.’

“WHAT?!” Sam screeched, attracting the attention of the whole cafeteria. “What do you mean everybody knows? Brooke knows?” Sam asked in a more normal voice, looking around the popular and finding Nicole and Mary Cherry’s glares but only Brooke’s back.

How could she make it right? How could she make Brooke feel better?

Turning to her friends annoying twin smirks Sam mumbled, “not that there is anything to know.”

“I don’t think she knows,” Carmen said casting a worried glance towards the popular table. It made her very nervous when Mary Cherry looked at her like that. She moved closer to Lily. “She would have told something, right?”

“Oh, she doesn’t know you worship the floor she walks on,” Lily commented calmly, rolling her eyes at Sam’s glare. She was immune to it at this point. It was like the flu, once you got the vaccine you didn’t need to worry, expect for the time you forget and you end up in the hospital burning with fever, imagining your IV is a sock puppet.

“You sure she doesn’t know? Not that there is any to kn—“

“Yeah, yeah,” Lily waved a hand, dismissing Sam’s denial. “Look how you acted when she gave you a present. Of course she doesn’t know! She probably thinks you hate her and that you are a crazy bitch. She may even feel guilty.”

“Yeah, Brooke’s a little weird when it comes to her self-esteem, which it doesn‘t make sense since she‘s the hottest girl on school.” If Brooke weren’t so sweet Carmen was pretty sure she would hate her.

“I think she has a crush on you,” Lily nodded.

“Me?!” she squeaked.

“Not you! Sam!” Lily slapped Carmen’s arm.

“Me?” Sam squeaked, her eyes wide with confusion and a little panic.

“Oh, that’s why she gave her the album!” Carmen exclaimed. Oh, who could hate a girl that sweet? Even if she was fabulously blonde and skinny.

“And that’s why she puts up with half the crap Sam throws her way,” she pointed to the poor girl in question. Sam’s eyes were unfocused and glassy. Yeah, she was gone.

Suddenly Sam’s eyes snapped back into reality, “you guys are crazy and I need to write things in the… place where I do it,” she said quickly, hightailing like her ass was on fire.

“She’s in denial,” Carmen observed.

“She’s scared,” Lily agreed.

“What’s wrong with Sam?” Harrison asked sitting down, his eyes wide. “And what are you eating?!”


“Brookie, just forget her,” Nicole said in bored tone, thumbing a fashion magazine. “You gave her a gift; she acted like a bitch… Move on and find yourself a girl that bathes.”

“I have to agree with Nic, she’s not worth all this angst, hon,” said Mary Cherry, fixing her new baby seal boots. Pretty! “I didn’t want to say anything, but all this heartbreak is making you a little haggard around the eyes, you may want to fix that,” she finished with a smile and an obnoxious stage whisper. Discreetly taking a tube with the words ‘Botox’ from her bag, flashing it to Brooke with a wink.

“Guys,” Brooke sighed; she was exhausted of having this conversation. “She didn’t know it was a surprise and, yes she was a bitch and I want to talk to her but… Sam doesn’t listen. I’m not even that mad anymore just a little hurt. And,” she added when Nicole opened her mouth, “she does bathes, she just doesn’t brush her hair.”

“Whatever, I don’t even know why you like her so much she so,” Nicole was interrupted by said girl screeching like a banshee, “loud. Seriously, does she ever shut up?” Nicole glared at loser table.

“That could be a good thing,” Mary Cherry said, turning around and glaring at Carmen, always sitting so close to lil’ Lily. “I bet she’s as loud on bed as her fashion sense is bad.”

“Oh God, Mary Cherry, please stop,” Brooke begged, covering her face with her hands knowing Mary Cherry wasn’t going to stop. Her mind already flashing with images of Sam, her head throw back, a lustful moan breaking through her kiss swollen lips.

Oh, God.

“Hon, you always complain she sometimes sleeps music, maybe,” Brooke didn’t like that lustful twinkle on her eyes, “she’s not sleeping, Maybe she’s thinking about you, touching her young body, crying for--”

Nicole’s hand flew out, blocking Mary Cherry’s face, but not touching her, who knew what she could catch. “We don’t need to hear this, again,” she said slowly, halting the well know ramble. She didn’t know what was more disturbing; Mary Cherry insistent talk about Spam’s nightly activities or Brooke’s flushed face, clearly thinking about said activities. Ugh.

“All ‘m saying, she like you hon, you are the hottest girl on school,” she said as she wrapped herself with her new baby panda’s cape, “and by her shoes I’d said she’s the second gayest girl on school. Lil’ Lily is the first,” she whispered eyeing hunky Joe walking to the fashion deficient table. “Yeah, work that tight ass, Joe.”

Ignoring the disturbing Texan on heat Nicole turned to the head cheerleader. “So you, ugh, love her,” the disgusting word barely leaving Nicole’s lips. Why did love made people so stupid and whiny. Such a useless emotion, or whatever you want to call it. At Brooke’s tearful nod, Nicole could only sigh. “Just tell her, all this subtle thing doesn’t work on that moron.”

“Aw, Brookie, let’s go and watch our beautiful, flawless perfection on the Novak’s shinny new mirror and forget all this, hon,” Mary Cherry clapped like one of the baby seal she loved to wear as clothes so much.

“I just need a little alone time right now, okay?” Brooke said standing up. “See ya at practice, and wear underwear this time,” she pointed a finger a Marry Cherry.

“One time, one time,” Marry Cherry pouted.

“Is not one time if you do it for a week,” Brooke murmured shaking her head, willing the disturbing imagines away. Walking away the only thing that filled her mind was Sam. What she was going to do?

“Come on Mary Cherry, let’s beat some sense in that fashion disaster,” Nicole said looking for Spam on the unpopular table.

“Nic, why are we helping Brooke? Can’t we just out her so I, I mean we can rule the school with Dolce&Gabbana‘s covered fists,” Mary Cherry wondered. Brooke never let them had any fun or made anybody cry. She even scolded them when they gave Carmen free waxing coupons. Couldn’t she see they were only doing it for the student body?

“Because,” said Nicole with a sigh, taking a bundle of papers for her purse, “we need her.”

“Are those the new poll numbers?” Mary Cherry asked, jumping on her chair like a puppy wearing another’s puppy skin as pants. “Let me see, let me see!”

Quickly going through the questions of who is the hottest girl, best dressed, scariest, craziest and possibly a future ax murderer Mary Cherry came to a horrible realization, “Lil’ Lily wasn’t voted most likely to sleep with Mary Cherry for money! And I’m not a retard; I’m well over Texas’s IQ limit, dammit!” Mary Cherry cried, her mascara running down her face, making her look like a very sad stripper.

“Um, hi, that’s not the most important part,” said Nicole, a little too accustomed to whatever obsession with the annoying activist the crazier blonde had. “And wear water proof mascara, nobody needs to see you looking like one of those emo losers that whine and cut themselves, and can even do it right!”

“It is water proof; momma says my tears are like an acid, a probable side effect after the second time she threw me on thos--”

“I. Don’t. Care,” Nicole interrupted, “we have more pressing matters. You see this poll? It says that 56% of the school is too afraid to talk to us and 76% that we are the best dressed but while 59% thinks we are as popular as Brooke,” Nicole took a deep breath, braising herself for this part, “96% of the school says without Brooke they would Iphone’s us to death on the Novak.”

Mary Cherry came to the same horrible realization, “we need her.”

“And that’s why we need to keep her close, we just have to get her her stupid little girlfriend and then she will be more than happy to be third, all gay and busy with her little rat. And then…”

“And then?”

“And then…”

Mary Cherry slid to the edge of her sit, absorbing each word like they were Evian.

Nicole sighed, “and then we’ll rule the school, not her.”

“Yes,” Mary Cherry cheered. “We’ll make them all dress like munchkins and make lil’ Lily and Joe our pleasure slaves. Maybe Sugar Daddy too.”

Throwing Mary Cherry a disturbed look Nicole said, “Uh huh… right, so first we just need to get Brookie to talk to Spam.”

“But Nic, she never listens, just talks, talks, talks, talks--”

Pinching Mary Cherry’s lips together, something she regretted the moment she touched her, Nicole said, “So we make sure she can’t talk back at Brooke.”

“Oh. Oh! Ooohhh,” with a maniacal laugh Mary Cherry quickly took a spiky wooden mace out her bag.

“No, we want her alive, Mary Cherry,” Nicole said, adding with a tilt of her head, “and able to think, so nothing kinda lethal either.”

“Ah,” putting the mace inside she took out a chloroform bottle, shaking it a little she added, “still got some!”

Looking towards the Cafeteria’s door Nicole decided, today was going be a good day. For her.


Lily and Carmen were wrong, Brooke didn’t like her. She couldn’t like her. It was crazy, impossible, improbable… A dream come true, in other words, a lie.

“And even if she did before, she sure as hell wont like me anymore after the little stun I pulled,” Sam mumbled. God, why did she have to be so stupid sometimes? She let all her fears take control of her and jumped to the worst conclusion, and insulted Brooke when she only wanted to surprise her with such a wonderful, lovely gift. Softly banging her head against her locker Sam came to the only possible conclusion, “I’m a freakin’ moron.”

“Um, excuse me,” a soft voice interrupted the brunette’s self-inflicted punishment. “Are you Sam McPherson?”

Turning around Sam found shy hazel eyes watching her with confusion; they were almost as beautiful as Brooke’s. “Yeah, what do you need,” she said to a very pretty blonde.

“I’m Jamie,” she presented herself, extending her hand and giving Sam a very firm hand shake. “I want to join the paper. The teacher told me to, um, talk to you.”

“Right, right,” Sam cleared her throat. “I just need a sample of your work and a form so you can join.”

Jamie quickly presented Sam with all the necessary papers. “I hope they are okay, I’m new in this school and I thought I could do something I liked and met some new people,” Jamie smile, blushing when Sam flashed a beautiful smile.

“Well, I don’t think you’ll get very popular working with me,” Sam mumbled quickly looking through the papers. “But you are really good and I’d love to ha—“

“Spam,” Nicole interrupted, pushing Jamie aside like she was an out of season shirt. “You are going to apologize to Brooke, shut your trap, listen to her and make her happy.”

Sam planed to do all those things, but no way she was going to let Nicole come and boss her around like she was one of those sheep crapping their pants whenever she looked their way. “Stay out of this Satan, I’m busy right now.”

“Listen loser, you are going to do what I tell you. I’m tired of Brooke moping around and you are going to fix it,” Nicole ordered, not even a little unfazed by Sam’s glare.

“If Brooke wants to talk to me, she knows where I am,” Sam said, her heart fluttering at the mention of Brooke’s mood. Shit, how she could make it right, what she could say?

Nicole raised an eyebrow, not amused at Sam’s stubborn attitude. “Fine,” she snapped. “If that’s how you want to play it… Mary Cherry!”

Out of nowhere, Mary Cherry jumped at Sam’s back, slapping a handkerchief on the brunette’s face. Sam desperately tried to shake the blonde of her back, but after a few second of tense struggle Sam fainted dead, slamming Mary Cherry against the floor and cushioning her own fall.

“Stop fooling around and grab that loser, we don’t have much time,” Nicole rolled her eyes at the gasping Mary Cherry. Turning around with the grace of a demon Nicole came face to face with another loser. Looking her up and down she decided she was well dressed, except for her shoes. Slowly raising her face to the terrified girl Nicole pursed her lips and looked down to the ugly shoes once again.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry,” Jamie cried, taking her new shoes off, dumping them on the closest garbage can.

With a last smirk to the new cowering loser Nicole tilted her head and watched her run. Following the grunting Mary Cherry carrying Spam Nicole decided; today truly was a good day.


Groaning Sam try to open her eyes and quickly shut them once again. Her head hurt like a bitch. What in the world happened to her?

“Nic, she’s awake,” cried a heavily accented voice at Sam’s right.

“Shut up for a minute,” responded a less loud, but as painful voice. Clearly, they were trying to make her head explode.

“What happen?” Sam mumbled. She raised her hands to her head, to try and relieve some of the pressure, but when her hands suddenly met resistance half-way through Sam realized something, she was tied. “What the hell!”

“Just shut up for a minute, and listen,” Nicole started. “Brooke needs to talk to you and settle some things.”

“YOU TIED ME!!” Sam screeched, twisting on her sit, almost falling sideways. Her legs were tightly tied together, but there wasn’t anything tying her down.

“Now, hon, calm down, don’t make me take out my taser gun,” Mary Cherry said calmly, righting her on the Novak’s plush couch.

Now that calmed Sam down. “I’m cool, I’m cool,” she said quickly. “Listen, I want to talk with Brooke but she wont even look—“

“No,” Nicole snapped. “You talk over her, you never shut up, so this time you’ll listen to everything she says and make her happy!”

Brooke not only had gone and fall in, ugh, love but also with the most annoying girl of all Kennedy High. Nicole couldn’t understand why Brooke had chosen Spam, but if getting this girl made her happy then by Donna Karen Nicole was going to make it happen!

“What? I listen to her,” Sam puffed. She actually had the decency to blush at Mary Cherry and Nicole’s blank stares. “Okay, so maybe sometimes I make assumptions and talk whatever comes to my mind, and I don’t think things through. But Brooke is the same as me, she’s not some little saint—,“ Sam quickly lost steam when she looked down her lap and found herself staring at the tight blue jeans she was wearing, when this morning she had worn green cargo pants. Whipping her head up, her face twisted with rage she looked at Nicole’s smirking face. “YOU CHANGED MY CLOTHES?!”

“Actually, Mary Cherry did. You aren’t that ghastly looking so it wouldn’t kill you to wear some decent clothes from time to time,” Nicole said smirking. Sam’s snarls and growls only mounting to her amusement, it was watching a puppy growling to a panther. Pathetic.

“And I also had Ramona here wax your legs, just incase, hon,” Mary Cherry said, pointing to a woman, or man, that looked a little too much like Bio Glass with a red afro. “You’ll thank me later,” she finished with a proud wink.

“Oh God,” Sam whimpered.

“Ya girls are going to stand there or pay-a my money,” Ramona, or Glass with a ugly wig, said. “Good luck lesbo,” he/she/it said before marching away and closing the Novak’s door with a slam.

“YOU CRAZY BITCH—, “Sam’s rant was cut short by a well placed duck tape.

“Thank you,” Nicole nodded gratefully to the grinning Texan.

“Nicole, what is so important and why did Bio Glass congratulated me?” Brooke said coming through the Novak’s door, stopping short at the bizarre sight. “Okay, what’s going on?”

“Surprise!” Mary Cherry shouted gleefully, slapping a red bow on Sam’s head.

Brooke quickly jumped between Sam and the blonde Texan. By the look of Sam’s face she was a breath away from lunging at Mary Cherry and head butting her teeth in.

“Again, what’s going?” Brooke asked, putting a hand on Sam’s should, just in case she decided to jump at anybody.

“You wanted to talk, without interruptions,” Nicole stressing the last word with a glare to Sam. “Now you have it, Brookie.”

Nicole sometimes could be so sweet, in her weird in twisted way where kidnapping and gagging and… changing Sam’s clothes just so Brooke could get all the things she wanted to say off her chest without Sam running away or pushing her away, all were acceptable. God, she was strange.

“I don’t think so Nic,” Brooke said kneeling before Sam, looking on her grateful brown eyes. She wanted to talk, but this wasn’t right. Right? “Thanks, but I better let her go.” Taking a corner of the duck tape sealing Sam’s gorgeous lips Brooke was ready to pull when Nicole’s hand suddenly took hold of her wrist.

“Brookie, she can’t talk over you, she has to listen,” Nicole said, looking at Brooke’s conflicted eyes. “She can’t misunderstand what you say or snap at you. You can tell her anything.”

Sam huffed at Nicole. Brooke wasn’t going to—

Sitting on her heels Brooke let go of the duck tape, still firmly against Sam’s lips. Looking at Sam’s shocked eyes she whispered, “I need to talk.”

With one last smirk at Sam Nicole turned on her fabulous’ heels, pushed Mary Cherry towards the door and said, “Call if you need anything, hon,” and closed the Novak’s door.

Once alone Brooke took at sit next to the still shocked Sam. She knew the other girl was going to explode at any moment, and couldn’t help but to be grateful for the duck tape.

“We need to talk, Sammy,” Brooke said quietly. Sam turned to her, her eyes quickly filling with that fire that always made Brooke shiver and that rage always made her tense up. “Okay, fine I need to talk. I think I deserve the chance after what you said the other week.”

All of Sam’s fire quickly extinguished, leaving only guilt. Brooke wanted to talk, then Brooke could take and Sam was going to take it and don’t say anything, even if she wanted she couldn’t anyway. She wasn’t going to admit it aloud, not even if Mary Cherry ripped her toenails while singed Dolly Parton’s songs, but Nicole had a good idea. And, that was the last time such thought would ever, ever go through her mind.

“First, I want to say I’m sorry for this,” she waved at Sam’s restrains. “And for going through for things but I was looking for pictures on the album I’m sure you have already seen,” she said gently. At Sam’s nod she kept going, “it was a gift. You told me about your dad and how you were afraid his memory was going to fade and I…” Brooke faltered for a moment. “I wanted to give you something that reminds you he was always going to be with you and… I just wanted to do something nice,” Brooke finish in a whisper looking down at her hands.

Every word was an odd combination of a stab on her heart and a healing touch on her soul. Sam scooted closer to the blonde wanting to soothe Brooke’s pain somehow.

“Fire, I get you freaked out I was on your room, but,” Brooke suddenly fired up, the words tumbling from her heart to her mouth. “You just jumped at me without even listening, now for one second. You jumped to your own conclusion and just attacked me!” Just as the strength came to her, it faded. “I don’t get you, sometimes it feels like you see me, the real me, the one I’m too ashamed to show because she’s not… perfect enough and you, you like it,” Brooke turned to Sam. Looking deep within those heart-stopping eyes she had fallen for without knowing how. “You see me.”

Sam was sure in that moment she forgot how to breathe. Brooke’s moist eyes were looking right through her soul. Sam was sure, in that moment she knew, and Brooke knew, that Sam loved her beyond reason.

Brooke’s shaky hand tenderly took hold of the ridiculous red bow on brunette’s head, carefully detaching it. Fingering the material, taking the moment to rearrange her thoughts. “And sometimes you think I’m this selfish bitch, like you have this image on your head and at any giving moment you think I’m her, ready to attack you or stab you on the back and… I’m not like that Sam,” Brooke desperately sought Sam’s eyes, so full of emotions and tears. “I would never humiliate you, or hurt you like that.”

Sam clenched her eyes. She couldn’t stand to look the hurt on Brooke eyes anymore. Brooke was right, she was completely right. The Brooke she pictured in her head and the one she had gotten to know were so different, and Sam knew which one was the real one behind the make up and mask, but… Sometimes it was easier to think Brooke wasn’t the sweet, sensitive girl that got under her skin, it was easier to pretend she was a bitch because, because that was the only way Sam could pretend she hadn’t fallen for her. Not just for any girl, but for Brooke, who was going to be her stepsister in who knew how long.

Sam wanted to live in denial and had hurt the last person she ever wanted hurt. Even if it sometimes it felt like it was the only thing she ever did.

“What you want from me?” Brooke whispered. Sam’s eyes snapping open, looking directly on Brooke own tearful gaze. “What you want from me, Sam?”

I want to love you. I want you to love me.

Brooke turned away. She had she more than she meant to. Sam was going to freak out, she was sure, she kn—

And then Brooke felt Sam’s breath on her neck. Sam’s body twisting into hers, snuggling into her. Sam’s tied hands holding her shirt, as if to pull her closer. Brooke could help herself, pulling her closer still, wrapping her arms around Sam, burying her face against the sweet smelling hair. This is where she wanted to be.

Sam could feel the warmth of Brooke’s body against her own. The quick thump of her heart against Sam’s own. She could feel it all. The way her hand traveled down her back and palmed the small of her back. The way she sank her finger in her hair, gently massaging her scalp. How could somebody make her feel this good, this safe and relaxed?

For once, Sam didn’t want to find all the answers, she just wanted to feel. To lose herself in Brooke.

Pulling away Brooke couldn’t stop herself and deposited one quick kiss on Sam’s forehead. Holding her lips against the burning skin for a second longer than she should have.

“I’m going to let you go,” Brooke whispered against Sam’s skin, feeling her shiver, her trembling finger’s slowly traveling down Sam’s arm to the rope holding her wrists’ together. “And whatever you are going to say to me,” she continue, looking into dark brown eyes. “Just… think it for a second. I just wanted to talk, okay?” At Sam’s nod, Brooke quickly worked the knot on her hands, freeing Sam.

Sam kept her eyes’ trained on Brooke, slowly pealing the duck tape from her mouth as she watched the blonde untie her feet, her hands shaking.

“Done, now I’m…,” whatever she was going to say was forgotten, Sam gently palming her face, tilting her face upwards, her eyes meeting once again.

“This is what I want,” Sam whispered, slowly licking her lips, watching how the hazel eyes widen for a moment and then darken; her pupils dilating with desire. Pulling Brooke closer, watching as her eyes fluttered and closed Sam quickly close the distance between them.

Brooke’s lips were sweeter than she dreamed. Firm and soft and Sam wanted more. Brooke’s hands snaked around her neck, pulling Sam closer. As if Sam would want to be anywhere but here.

Brooke felt as she was drowning and Sam’s lips were oxygen. Like she was freezing and Sam’s body was a blanked, warming her from within. Sam’s lip parted, deepening the kiss, the sudden fire consuming Brooke, making her weak and strong and…

“Sam,” Brooke gasped when they parted. She looked into those brown eyes, dark and smoky, even more intense than the thousand of times she had seen them on her dreams.

“I’m sorry, Brooke. I’m sorry I got scared and hurt you,” Sam said, keeping Brooke close, her hands slipping around her waist. “I’m sorry for every single thing I told you. You are beautiful, and sweet, and sensitive and the most wonderful person I have ever met.”

“Sam,” she whispered through tears. “It’s okay. It’s okay, I forgive you.” Brooke kissed the brunette’s cheek, nuzzling her neck before caressing the sweet smelling kiss with a tender kiss. “It’s okay.”

“Thank you,” Sam said, maybe to Brooke or God, she didn’t know. She was so grateful for this chance to hold and kiss Brooke, to make it right, for both of them.

“Hey, why don’t we get out of here,” Brooke cleared her throat a cheeky grin appearing on her beautiful face. “Come on, take me to a date with fancy music and over priced food.”

“Oh,” Sam tilted her head, her own eyes dancing with amusement. “I see, you are making a lot of assumption McQueen.”

“I think I deserve to be pampered, don’t you think,” Brooke tenderly rubbed Sam’s nose with hers.

“You sure do,” Sam said with a quick kiss. Weaving their fingers she pulled Brooke along. “But first we have Bio.” She smiled at Brooke’s groan. “Come on, I’ll let you hold my hand under the table.”

“Guess it won’t be all bad,” Brooke murmured with a smile, swapping Sam’s backside, giggling at the squeak she got.

“I’m gonna get you for that, McQueen!” Sam growled, rubbing the sore spot. Firmly grabbing Brooke by her waist and pulling her close.

“I can’t wait,” Brooke murmured before Sam’s lip took hold of her own. This was going to be the best Biology class yet.

Who would have thought a little talk could it all so much better. Brooke was sure to remember that for future reference.

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Cute!.. lovely fic..
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Thank you!
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Typical Popular style chaos. Great read. Very enjoyable. Thanks heaps for sharing
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Thank you!
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